A better learning environment.

Today’s higher education spaces are expected to perform in ways we never would have imagined a decade ago. The pressure is on to effectively invest resources into physical spaces that not only meet the needs of 21st century learners, but also help attract and retain the best students and staff.

Today’s spaces need to be flexible and multi-functional to meet the reality of educational environments. This reality dictates that the spaces we design are:

Multi-functional and flexible spaces are the new standard. Classrooms are shifting and reconfiguring throughout the day to support different ways of learning. Technology has enabled learning to happen anywhere. As a result, areas outside the classroom, like hallways and lobbies, now perform double duty as study areas and lounges.

Institutions are finding ways to fit more people in less space, creating spaces that comfortably accommodate both commuting and resident students and staff throughout the day.

Spaces must support a diversity of student and staff needs. From increased and varied power and data access to support technology, to intuitive and adjustable furniture that accommodates a range of user needs, sizes and abilities, institutions need to ensure access to learning for all.

A comprehensive portfolio
Our broad range of education furniture supports different learning styles across a spectrum of spaces including classrooms, lecture halls, learning commons, lobbies, atriums, cafeterias, administrative and faculty areas.

Global products are designed to meet the complex and unique needs of the higher education landscape including the ability to:

  • Flex and reconfigure to meet changing and diverse needs
  • Support the integration of technology
  • Facilitate learning outside the classroom
  • Endure the heavy use of its users
  • Encourage connection and collaboration wherever it happens