ObusĀ® UltraForme

A Synchronized Glider mechanism incorporates the benefits of many chair features into one. Feet can stay flat on the floor while tilting, which relieves pressure under the thighs and encourages good blood flow.

  • Doctor designed comfort clinically proven to reduce back and neck pain, fatigue and headaches by encouraging proper back alignment.
  • With the Moller ® back support designed on this series, the spinal column is fully supported and maintains a natural lower spine configuration.
  • Less compression on the veins allows for improved circulation.
  • Strain on the lower back muscles can be decreased, thereby reducing fatigue and discomfort.
  • Multiple adjustments for maximum, personal comfort. All models are available in fabric, vinyl and leather upholstery.
  • As seen in the Wall Street Journal.
ADEX Award Ace Bifma Greenguard Greenguard Gold Level 3

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High Back Multi-Tilter Model Thumbnail

High Back Multi-Tilter

High Back Synchronized Gilder Model Thumbnail

High Back Synchronized Gilder

Medium Back Multi-Tilter Model Thumbnail

Medium Back Multi-Tilter

Medium Back Synchronized Gilder Model Thumbnail

Medium Back Synchronized Gilder

Back Angle Adjustment Feature Thumbnail

Back Angle Adjustment

Arm Width Adjustment Feature Thumbnail

Arm Width Adjustment

Armcap Depth Adjustment Feature Thumbnail

Armcap Depth Adjustment

Height Adjustable Arms Feature Thumbnail

Height Adjustable Arms

Tilt-Lock Control Feature Thumbnail

Tilt-Lock Control

Seat Depth Adjustment Feature Thumbnail

Seat Depth Adjustment

Back Height Adjustment Feature Thumbnail

Back Height Adjustment

Multi-Tilt Control Feature Thumbnail

Multi-Tilt Control

Seating Base Finishes

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Obus UltraForme Brochure Cover

Obus UltraForme (PDF)

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French 2.05M

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5440-3 (JPG)

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5440LM-1 (JPG)

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5441LM-1 Image Thumbnail

5441LM-1 (JPG)

Low 393.51K | High 519.29K

Obus UltraForme 01 Image Thumbnail

Obus UltraForme 01 (JPG)

Low 325.28K | High 793.25K

Obus UltraForme 02 Image Thumbnail

Obus UltraForme 02 (JPG)

Low 889.87K | High 2.12M

Obus UltraForme 03 Image Thumbnail

Obus UltraForme 03 (JPG)

Low 588.55K | High 1.27M

Obus UltraForme 04 Image Thumbnail

Obus UltraForme 04 (JPG)

Low 575.13K | High 2.00M