Global Furniture Group introduces SideBar™



SideBar’s collection of desks, bench dividers and storage units easily accommodates any work style, including benching, private and semi-private applications within an open office environment. Varying levels of bench dividers and storage heights create unique visual planes within the workspace, providing a break from monotonous “cube farms”. 

Intelligent, dual sided storage elements combined with multi-height storage and staggered credenzas optimize compressed footprints, letting you do more in less space. A slim design power and data trough allows easy open access to duplexes and data plates. Easily reach power and data through center cutouts in the worksurface, or add surface-mounted power/data modules for desk-height access. Multiple storage options and multitier stations are the new “must have” in the modern workplace.

Thousands of laminate color combinations, distinct leg styling and four unique edge options make SideBar easy to complement your existing aesthetic choices. SideBar coordinates well with Bungee and Bungee SL training tables, Zira desking, and an array of Global’s vast selection of desking and storage products.

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