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Duet is a high-density stacking chair that is easy to connect, quick to stack and simple to store.

  • Frame is made from durable solid steel rod available in chrome only.
  • Polypropylene seat and backs with fiberglass reinforced nylon arms are available in a variety of colors. Arms will automatically match the shell color selected.
  • Upholstered seat models are equipped with a smooth black shroud on the under side of the seat.
  • A patented ganging feature allows chairs to be effortlessly locked together in neat tidy rows.
  • Please refer to the price list for specific model stacking capabilities.
  • Designed by Zooey Chu.
ADEX Award BIFMA BIFMA Compliant Greenguard Greenguard Gold Level

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Black Polyethylene Tablet Feature Thumbnail

Black Polyethylene Tablet

Laminate Tablet Feature Thumbnail

Laminate Tablet

Armless Ganging Feature Thumbnail

Armless Ganging

Ganging Bracket Feature Thumbnail

Ganging Bracket

Clear Polycarbonate Glide (CG) Feature Thumbnail

Clear Polycarbonate Glide (CG)

Rubber No Slip Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (RG) Feature Thumbnail

Rubber No Slip Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (RG)

Stainless Steel Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (SG) Feature Thumbnail

Stainless Steel Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (SG)

Felt Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (FG) Feature Thumbnail

Felt Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (FG)

Plastic Finishes - Duet, Popcorn, Rebound, Sonic, Stream

Buzz Blue Finish Thumbnail

Buzz Blue


Cactus Finish Thumbnail



Carrot Finish Thumbnail



Cloud Finish Thumbnail



Dijon Finish Thumbnail



Eggplant Finish Thumbnail



Fog Finish Thumbnail



Frost Finish Thumbnail



Ink Finish Thumbnail



Latte Finish Thumbnail



Night Finish Thumbnail



Sand Finish Thumbnail



Scarlet Finish Thumbnail



Shadow Finish Thumbnail



Seating Metal Leg + Frame Finishes

Chrome Finish Thumbnail



Tablet Laminate Finishes

Black Finish Thumbnail



Clear Maple Finish Thumbnail

Clear Maple


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Noce Grigio Finish Thumbnail

Noce Grigio


Duet Brochure Cover

Duet (PDF)

English 670.99K

Pedestal Seating Brochure Cover

Pedestal Seating (PDF)

English 1.17M

Download selected: Low 0.0M | High 0.0M
Download All: Low 0.0M | High 0.0M
Duet - Buzz Blue (BZB) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Buzz Blue (BZB) (JPG)

Low 45.46K

High 180.42K

Duet - Cactus (CCT) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Cactus (CCT) (JPG)

Low 40.29K

High 145.98K

Duet - Carrot (CRO) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Carrot (CRO) (JPG)

Low 52.62K

High 213.74K

Duet - Cloud (IVC) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Cloud (IVC) (JPG)

Low 43.19K

High 159.24K

Duet - Dijon (DJN) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Dijon (DJN) (JPG)

Low 40.94K

High 144.19K

Duet - Eggplant (EGP) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Eggplant (EGP) (JPG)

Low 54.92K

High 200.03K

Duet - Fog (FOG) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Fog (FOG) (JPG)

Low 42.98K

High 154.56K

Duet - Frost (FRO) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Frost (FRO) (JPG)

Low 35.82K

High 120.20K

Duet - Ink (INK) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Ink (INK) (JPG)

Low 48.43K

High 172.62K

Duet - Latte (LAB) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Latte (LAB) (JPG)

Low 44.04K

High 158.84K

Duet - Night (BLK) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Night (BLK) (JPG)

Low 49.50K

High 177.88K

Duet - Sand (SND) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Sand (SND) (JPG)

Low 43.46K

High 158.80K

Duet - Scarlet (SAR) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Scarlet (SAR) (JPG)

Low 47.48K

High 179.86K

Duet - Shadow (SHW) Image Thumbnail

Duet - Shadow (SHW) (JPG)

Low 44.90K

High 160.22K

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