Global introduces its new Softpod series at NeoCon 2023


Chicago, Illinois, June 12, 2023: Global has announced that the company will preview its new Softpod series at NeoCon 2023.

As an adjunct to collaborative and community spaces in workplace, education and hospitality. Softpod supports activities that require individual focus and engagement. The modular nesting surrounds, comprised of recycled polyester felt, provide excellent sound absorption and a continuous tackable surface.

This lightweight workstation allows for flexible placement within any floorplan. Softpod’s curvilinear structure naturally embraces individual privacy for deep concentration and uninterrupted workflow. Add, subtract, or rearrange to form team clusters without taking anything apart. With extension panels available in tackable felt and translucent acrylic in a wide range of vibrant colors, privacy preferences can be easily tailored to individual needs.

Softpod offers casual storage options and accessories to enhance the daily work process. The mounted bag drop and a diverse selection of shelf options ensure personal items are neatly organized and conveniently accessible whenever needed. Each workstation is equipped with power and data solutions for effortless connectivity.

Don’t miss it. Visit our Merchandise Mart showroom located in suite 1035 on the 10th floor.


Softpod features at a glance:

  • Each workstation or ‘pod’ can be put together using a simple kit of parts
  • Add subtract or rearrange workstations without having to take anything apart
  • Workstations can be nested together in different working clusters using 120-degree planning
  • Available in 3-sided, 4-sided, and 5-sided workstations in 42" and 54" heights
  • PET felt panels are made from polyester fiber with a high content (50%) of post-recycled material
  • PET felt panels are 100% recyclable and non-toxic and are available in a range of colors
  • An extruded aluminum frame supports the PET felt panels, providing stability and lasting durability
  • Powder-coated die-cast aluminum legs are available in a range of color options
  • Two worksurface sizes in high and low-pressure laminate are available in a range of finishes
  • Dial-up or down privacy with vertical and horizontal privacy extensions in PET felt or translucent acrylic (clear or color tinted)
  • Each workstation has a footprint of 32 sq. ft with dimensions ranging from 72"-78" x 33"- 73" (depending on the number of sides)
  • A range of accessories and storage options including mounted casual storage and shelves, magnetic whiteboards, and dry-erase nameplates
  • Power modules (surface and below surface) and wiring solutions for individual and linked workstations can be installed onsite
  • Options and accessories can be added or removed on-site to further support work requirements

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