Dynamic and appealing, the Roosevelt offers residential elegance and comfort, ideal for lounges or any side seating requirements including both family and patient rooms. The wood frame features soft curves, support rails and extended armrests for user comfort and ease of cleaning. These features will enhance your experience with increased comfort.

  • The curl detail at the top of the back is complimented with a curl detail on the armrest which also provides support when entering or exiting the chair
  • The seat and back opening enables the chair to be properly maintained and cleaned
  • The lower frame offers additional support rails for greater strength and stability
  • Comfortable seat with Ultracell foam
Ace Bifma Greenguard Level 3

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Wood Armchair

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Wood Armchair, Front Casters

Wood Finishes

Brandy Peppercorn Finish Thumbnail

Brandy Peppercorn


Charcoal Java Finish Thumbnail

Charcoal Java


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Cherry Latte Finish Thumbnail

Cherry Latte


Cocoa Vanilla Finish Thumbnail

Cocoa Vanilla


Empire Mahogany Finish Thumbnail

Empire Mahogany


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English Oak


Espresso Cafe Finish Thumbnail

Espresso Cafe


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Jet Onyx Finish Thumbnail

Jet Onyx


Light Honey Finish Thumbnail

Light Honey


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Medium Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Medium Walnut


Sandy Beach Finish Thumbnail

Sandy Beach


Shaker Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Shaker Cherry


Silver Oak Finish Thumbnail

Silver Oak


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White Finish Thumbnail



Winter Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Winter Cherry


Roosevelt Brochure Cover

Roosevelt (PDF)

English 209.54K

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GC3800FC (JPG)

Low 477.73K | High 605.87K

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Roosevelt 01 (JPG)

Low 515.57K | High 1.26M