Dufferin™ Tables

Dufferin presents a bold new approach for the boardroom – the integration of wood veneer and laminate.

  • Contemporary 2" overhang knife edge.
  • Optional rectangular two tone base.
  • Power/Data accessories options are available.
  • A full array of complementary Desk and Reception area furnishings are available to coordinate the entire office.
Greenguard Level

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Lectern Model Thumbnail


Utility Table Model Thumbnail

Utility Table


48" Meeting Table

Visual Board Model Thumbnail

Visual Board

Optional two tone table base Feature Thumbnail

Optional two tone table base

Knife edge detail Feature Thumbnail

Knife edge detail

Black Moon (PL33) handle Feature Thumbnail

Black Moon (PL33) handle

Black Spaghetti (PLS7) handle Feature Thumbnail

Black Spaghetti (PLS7) handle

Nickel (PL64) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel (PL64) handle

Nickel Moon (PL34) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel Moon (PL34) handle

Nickel Square Edge (PL66) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel Square Edge (PL66) handle

Silver Spaghetti (PLS8) handle Feature Thumbnail

Silver Spaghetti (PLS8) handle

Silver Wedge (PL75) handle Feature Thumbnail

Silver Wedge (PL75) handle

Tungsten (PL67) handle Feature Thumbnail

Tungsten (PL67) handle

Tungsten (PL74) handle Feature Thumbnail

Tungsten (PL74) handle


Black Finish Thumbnail



Custom Grey Finish Thumbnail

Custom Grey


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Hayden Grey Finish Thumbnail

Hayden Grey


Storm Grey Finish Thumbnail

Storm Grey


String Finish Thumbnail



Wood Veneers

Almond Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Almond Cherry


Cocoa Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Cocoa Walnut


Coral Finish Thumbnail



Dark Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Dark Cherry


Espresso Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Espresso Walnut


Evening Oak Finish Thumbnail

Evening Oak


Grey on Oak Finish Thumbnail

Grey on Oak


Hazelnut Finish Thumbnail



Honey Maple Finish Thumbnail

Honey Maple


Java Finish Thumbnail



Latte Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Latte Walnut


Milestone Finish Thumbnail



Mocha Finish Thumbnail



Natural Maple Finish Thumbnail

Natural Maple


Red Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Red Cherry


Vintage Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Vintage Cherry


Walnut Finish Thumbnail



Warm Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Warm Cherry


White Maple Finish Thumbnail

White Maple


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