Beam Seating

A truly flexible solution for waiting rooms and reception. Seating units easily attach to a universal beam base. Available in two, three and four person lengths, beam units can be positioned tightly along a wall in a straight run or expanded for L or U configurations. Beam Seating can be configured to divide spaces, creating separate seating pods for specific user groups or positioned to control traffic flow.

  • The beam units are Black. The “T” shaped legs are available in Chrome only with Black anti-scuff tips and trim. 
  • Corner beam creates 90° turn in beam seating. Only table units can be attached. 
  • Upper seating units include mounting brackets and all necessary hardware for attachment to beam. 
  • Upper seating units and/or tables can be placed in any order along the beam. 
  • Sidero units can also be upholstered leather/mock leather combination. 
  • Sonic seating units are available in mesh back, Black only. 
Ace Bifma Greenguard Greenguard Gold Level

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Popcorn Beam Seating

Sidero Beam Seating

Sonic Beam Seating

Vion Beam Seating

Universal Aluminum Arm Feature Thumbnail

Universal Aluminum Arm

Power and USB Options Feature Thumbnail

Power and USB Options

Bolt Down Kit Feature Thumbnail

Bolt Down Kit

Radiused Corner Table Top Feature Thumbnail

Radiused Corner Table Top

Square Corner Table Top Feature Thumbnail

Square Corner Table Top

Square Table Between Seating Feature Thumbnail

Square Table Between Seating

Square End Table Feature Thumbnail

Square End Table

Coffee Table Feature Thumbnail

Coffee Table

Plastic Finishes - Duet, Popcorn, Sonic

Asphalt Night Finish Thumbnail

Asphalt Night


Caribbean Surf Finish Thumbnail

Caribbean Surf


Coffee Bean Finish Thumbnail

Coffee Bean


Daffodil Day Finish Thumbnail

Daffodil Day


Ivory Clouds Finish Thumbnail

Ivory Clouds


Latte Beige Finish Thumbnail

Latte Beige


Lip Smacker Finish Thumbnail

Lip Smacker


Platinum Finish Thumbnail



Sea Glass Finish Thumbnail

Sea Glass


Tiger Orange Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Orange


Seating Metal Frame Finishes

Black Finish Thumbnail



Chrome Finish Thumbnail




Absolute Acajou Finish Thumbnail

Absolute Acajou


Asian Night Finish Thumbnail

Asian Night


Avant Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Avant Cherry


Avant Honey Finish Thumbnail

Avant Honey


Clear Maple Finish Thumbnail

Clear Maple


Dark Espresso Finish Thumbnail

Dark Espresso


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Hayden Grey Finish Thumbnail

Hayden Grey


Shaker Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Shaker Cherry


Tiger Maple Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Maple


Tiger Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Walnut


Walnut Heights Finish Thumbnail

Walnut Heights


White Chocolate Finish Thumbnail

White Chocolate


Winter Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Winter Cherry


Mesh Finishes - Vion

Black Finish Thumbnail



Blue Finish Thumbnail



Natural Finish Thumbnail



Rope Finish Thumbnail



Stone Finish Thumbnail



Aqua Finish Thumbnail



Black Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Black Cherry


Dust Finish Thumbnail



Ivory Finish Thumbnail



Paprika Finish Thumbnail



Plastic Finishes - Vion

Black Finish Thumbnail



Fog Finish Thumbnail



Beam Seating Brochure Cover

Beam Seating (PDF)

English 1.49M

Popcorn Beam Image Thumbnail

Popcorn Beam (JPG)

Low 295.74K | High 1.85M

Popcorn Beam Image Thumbnail

Popcorn Beam (JPG)

Low 238.53K | High 1.06M

Vion Beam Image Thumbnail

Vion Beam (JPG)

Low 298.52K | High 2.11M

Duet Beam Image Thumbnail

Duet Beam (JPG)

Low 243.05K | High 1.56M

Sidero Beam Image Thumbnail

Sidero Beam (JPG)

Low 383.47K | High 1.96M

Sonic Beam Image Thumbnail

Sonic Beam (JPG)

Low 312.75K | High 1.35M