Global introduces its new Collaborative Spaces series at NeoCon 2023


Chicago, Illinois, June 12, 2023: Global has announced that the company will preview its new Collaborative Spaces series at NeoCon 2023.

Visitors will get a first glimpse of Collaborative Spaces, an agile collection of mobile tables, team and hospitality carts. Designed by ModusID, this inspired new series is created to adapt to the evolving demands of workplace and education environments by fostering flexible collaborative, training, social, and amenity spaces.

In an era where work requirements and individuals’ physical presence fluctuate daily, Collaborative Spaces encompasses a variety of mobile furniture solutions that facilitate teamwork within physical spaces while keeping remote team members seamlessly connected.

Modular team carts can take on many roles, from coat racks to media consoles. Mobile presentation boards and screen supports can be attached and removed to accommodate different team requirements while providing natural space division. Additionally, a range of communal and occasional tables provides essential workspaces for all team members while the hospitality carts offer convenient access to snacks and beverages, cultivating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Collaborative Spaces features at a glance:

  • Mobile collaborative tables at multiple heights (seated, cafe bar) and widths can also be specified with fixed/glide options
  • Accessory table hooks help keep personal items at hand and off the floor
  • Table modesty panels in PET felt (comprised of recycled polyester felt)
  • Occasional tables in various shapes
  • Laptop tables can be mobile or with a fixed/glide option
  • Media carts and media table units help connect remote team members
  • Mobile shelving units keep things together - PET felt panels can be added to create a back surface
  • A range of power modules and mounting positions keep everyone connected
  • Power trays and organizers keep wires tidy
  • Single/double or combination whiteboards make it easy to take notes
  • Removable magnetic whiteboard carts + wall rail help organize notes - magnetic whiteboards are easily stored in the cart for later use
  • Hospitality carts for food and beverages
  • Mobile coat rack with shelve options for bags and other personal items

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