Camino™ is tailored to impress with transitional lines that complement both contemporary and traditional interiors. The flared arm is a timeless detail that opens up the seating area for greater comfort. Make it yours with any of the Global’s high performance textiles, vinyls or leathers. Matching or contrasting piping is available on the arms, seat and back for a formalized look. Designed by Chris Carter.

BIFMA BIFMA Compliant Greenguard Greenguard Gold Level

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Contrasting Tailored Piping Feature Thumbnail

Contrasting Tailored Piping

Matching Tailored Piping Feature Thumbnail

Matching Tailored Piping

Without Piping Feature Thumbnail

Without Piping

Double Stitched Seams Feature Thumbnail

Double Stitched Seams

Wood Legs Feature Thumbnail

Wood Legs

Polished Aluminum Legs Feature Thumbnail

Polished Aluminum Legs

Table Top Options Feature Thumbnail

Table Top Options

Table Shape Options Feature Thumbnail

Table Shape Options

Table Leg Options Feature Thumbnail

Table Leg Options


Absolute Acajou Finish Thumbnail

Absolute Acajou


Asian Night Finish Thumbnail

Asian Night


Avant Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Avant Cherry


Avant Honey Finish Thumbnail

Avant Honey


Black Finish Thumbnail



Brushed Cobalt Finish Thumbnail

Brushed Cobalt


Clear Maple Finish Thumbnail

Clear Maple


Dark Espresso Finish Thumbnail

Dark Espresso


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Hayden Grey Finish Thumbnail

Hayden Grey


Noce Biondo Finish Thumbnail

Noce Biondo


Noce Grigio Finish Thumbnail

Noce Grigio


Noce Leggero Finish Thumbnail

Noce Leggero


Noce Medio Finish Thumbnail

Noce Medio


Quartered Mahogany Finish Thumbnail

Quartered Mahogany


Storm Grey Finish Thumbnail

Storm Grey


Tiger Fruitwood Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Fruitwood


Tiger Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Walnut


Walnut Heights Finish Thumbnail

Walnut Heights


White Chocolate Finish Thumbnail

White Chocolate


Willow Grey Finish Thumbnail

Willow Grey


Winter Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Winter Cherry


Wood Finishes - Seating + Table Legs

Absolute Finish Thumbnail



Black Finish Thumbnail



Cherry Finish Thumbnail



English Oak Finish Thumbnail

English Oak


Espresso Cafe Finish Thumbnail

Espresso Cafe


Fruitwood Finish Thumbnail



Gray Finish Thumbnail



Honey Finish Thumbnail



Mahogany Finish Thumbnail



Maple Finish Thumbnail



Medium Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Medium Walnut


Natural Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Natural Walnut


Night Finish Thumbnail



Noce Biondo Finish Thumbnail

Noce Biondo


Noce Grigio Finish Thumbnail

Noce Grigio


Noce Leggero Finish Thumbnail

Noce Leggero


Noce Medio Finish Thumbnail

Noce Medio


Shaker Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Shaker Cherry


Walnut Finish Thumbnail



WC Cream Finish Thumbnail

WC Cream


White Finish Thumbnail



Winter Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Winter Cherry


Camino Brochure Cover

Camino (PDF)

English 651.91K

5471-CP Image Thumbnail

5471-CP (JPG)

Low 251.59K | High 618.77K

5471-MP Image Thumbnail

5471-MP (JPG)

Low 258.82K | High 828.29K

5472-CP Image Thumbnail

5472-CP (JPG)

Low 290.19K | High 759.14K

5472-MP Image Thumbnail

5472-MP (JPG)

Low 298.81K | High 0.96M

5473-CP Image Thumbnail

5473-CP (JPG)

Low 321.51K | High 1.02M

5473-MP Image Thumbnail

5473-MP (JPG)

Low 330.48K | High 1.28M

5474-HP Image Thumbnail

5474-HP (JPG)

Low 178.70K | High 301.58K

5474-LP Image Thumbnail

5474-LP (JPG)

Low 178.82K | High 301.74K

5475-HP Image Thumbnail

5475-HP (JPG)

Low 169.98K | High 285.32K

5475-LP Image Thumbnail

5475-LP (JPG)

Low 169.98K | High 285.66K

5476-HP Image Thumbnail

5476-HP (JPG)

Low 169.03K | High 282.70K

5476-LP Image Thumbnail

5476-LP (JPG)

Low 169.03K | High 282.70K

5481-CP Image Thumbnail

5481-CP (JPG)

Low 263.19K | High 894.39K

5481-MP Image Thumbnail

5481-MP (JPG)

Low 261.83K | High 827.45K

5482-CP Image Thumbnail

5482-CP (JPG)

Low 299.65K | High 1.01M

5482-MP Image Thumbnail

5482-MP (JPG)

Low 299.22K | High 0.98M

5483-CP Image Thumbnail

5483-CP (JPG)

Low 331.10K | High 1.28M

5483-MP Image Thumbnail

5483-MP (JPG)

Low 329.82K | High 1.28M

5484-HP Image Thumbnail

5484-HP (JPG)

Low 176.04K | High 294.54K

5484-LP Image Thumbnail

5484-LP (JPG)

Low 176.24K | High 294.18K

5485-HP Image Thumbnail

5485-HP (JPG)

Low 165.94K | High 276.19K

5485-LP Image Thumbnail

5485-LP (JPG)

Low 165.94K | High 276.19K

5486-HP Image Thumbnail

5486-HP (JPG)

Low 164.66K | High 273.92K

5486-LP Image Thumbnail

5486-LP (JPG)

Low 165.22K | High 273.54K

5487-HP Image Thumbnail

5487-HP (JPG)

Low 170.75K | High 283.41K

5487-LP Image Thumbnail

5487-LP (JPG)

Low 170.67K | High 283.30K