Popcorn, designed by Zooey Chu, is ideal for conference areas, cafeterias, classrooms and healthcare spaces or wherever multi-purpose stack applications are required.

  • Popcorn's flexible backrest and supporting curves ensure comfort even when seated for extended periods.
  • The chair features a durable 0.5" diameter steel rod frame with no front crossbar for greater leg comfort.
  • The wallsaver design protects walls from markings and provides greater flexibility for tighter spaces.
  • The one piece seat-back polypropylene shell offers a back cut-out for easy cleaning and a hand-hold for ease of transportation. Popcorn is also lightweight - starting at 15 lbs.
  • Polypropylene models can be stacked on dolly 34 high, while upholstered models can be stacked 15 high (standard 80" door frame). Stools are stackable up to 8 high on the floor but not stackable on dolly.
  • Choose from a wide selection of designer colors with coordinating matching arms.
ADEX Award BIFMA BIFMA Compliant Greenguard Greenguard Gold Level

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Handhold for Ease of Stacking Feature Thumbnail

Handhold for Ease of Stacking

Back Cutout for Easy Cleaning Feature Thumbnail

Back Cutout for Easy Cleaning

Upholstered Seat Models Available Feature Thumbnail

Upholstered Seat Models Available

Color Matched Arm Models Available Feature Thumbnail

Color Matched Arm Models Available

Optional Ganging Brackets Feature Thumbnail

Optional Ganging Brackets

Clear Polycarbonate Glide (CG) Feature Thumbnail

Clear Polycarbonate Glide (CG)

Rubber No Slip Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (RG) Feature Thumbnail

Rubber No Slip Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (RG)

Stainless Steel Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (SG) Feature Thumbnail

Stainless Steel Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (SG)

Felt Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (FG) Feature Thumbnail

Felt Pad on Polycarbonate Glide (FG)

Medium Density Dolly (6714) Feature Thumbnail

Medium Density Dolly (6714)

High Density Dolly (6715) Feature Thumbnail

High Density Dolly (6715)

Plastic Finishes - Duet, Popcorn, Rebound, Sonic, Stream

Buzz Blue Finish Thumbnail

Buzz Blue


Cactus Finish Thumbnail



Carrot Finish Thumbnail



Cloud Finish Thumbnail



Dijon Finish Thumbnail



Eggplant Finish Thumbnail



Fog Finish Thumbnail



Frost Finish Thumbnail



Ink Finish Thumbnail



Latte Finish Thumbnail



Night Finish Thumbnail



Sand Finish Thumbnail



Scarlet Finish Thumbnail



Shadow Finish Thumbnail



Seating Metal Leg + Frame Finishes

Chrome Finish Thumbnail



Tablet Laminate Finishes

Black Finish Thumbnail



Clear Maple Finish Thumbnail

Clear Maple


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Noce Grigio Finish Thumbnail

Noce Grigio


Popcorn Brochure Cover

Popcorn (PDF)

English 2.01M

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Popcorn - Buzz Blue (BZB) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Buzz Blue (BZB) (JPG)

Low 35.08K

High 819.46K

Popcorn - Cactus (CCT) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Cactus (CCT) (JPG)

Low 32.47K

High 804.16K

Popcorn - Carrot (CRO) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Carrot (CRO) (JPG)

Low 34.24K

High 853.04K

Popcorn - Cloud (IVC) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Cloud (IVC) (JPG)

Low 29.36K

High 739.28K

Popcorn - Dijon (DJN) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Dijon (DJN) (JPG)

Low 32.69K

High 881.17K

Popcorn - Eggplant (EGP) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Eggplant (EGP) (JPG)

Low 38.64K

High 1.08M

Popcorn - Fog (FOG) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Fog (FOG) (JPG)

Low 33.92K

High 0.98M

Popcorn - Frost (FRO) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Frost (FRO) (JPG)

Low 30.44K

High 747.31K

Popcorn - Ink (INK) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Ink (INK) (JPG)

Low 38.71K

High 1.07M

Popcorn - Latte (LAB) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Latte (LAB) (JPG)

Low 30.79K

High 761.34K

Popcorn - Night (BLK) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Night (BLK) (JPG)

Low 37.55K

High 1.05M

Popcorn - Sand (SND) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Sand (SND) (JPG)

Low 30.22K

High 755.99K

Popcorn - Scarlet (SAR) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Scarlet (SAR) (JPG)

Low 35.66K

High 910.83K

Popcorn - Shadow (SHW) Image Thumbnail

Popcorn - Shadow (SHW) (JPG)

Low 38.33K

High 1.12M

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