A family of products with exceptional value and a transitional design defines Synopsis.

  • Features include a compound curved back for maximum comfort and double stitch detailing which highlights the upholstery.
  • Standard arms are height adjustable for all Multi-Tilters.
  • Multi-Tilters feature height adjustable (3B) arms. Tilters and coordinating side chairs feature fixed arms with SSU armpads.
  • Sliding seat depth adjustment is standard on Multi-Tilters and can be adjusted with a lever on the side of the chair.
  • Available in fabric, vinyl or leather. Base and frames are available in black only.
Ace Bifma Greenguard Greenguard Gold Level
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Height Adjustable Arms

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Width Adjustable Arms

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Fixed Arms

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Back Shroud

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Compound Curved Back

Seating Base Finishes

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