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ModPower is a flexible system that brings power and charging anywhere people work or learn. It is a daisy chain solution ideal for training rooms, stationary and mobile tables, workstations and benching systems. The easy to use connectors are touch safe and include latches to prevent unintended separation. With two styles (in-surface or on-surface units) you can easily and quickly install a code compliant solution, from a single wall or floor power supply.

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In-Surface Starter Unit Model Thumbnail

In-Surface Starter Unit

In-Surface Middle Unit Model Thumbnail

In-Surface Middle Unit

In-Surface End Unit Model Thumbnail

In-Surface End Unit

On-Surface Starter Unit Model Thumbnail

On-Surface Starter Unit

On-Surface Middle Unit Model Thumbnail

On-Surface Middle Unit

On-Surface End Unit Model Thumbnail

On-Surface End Unit

Interconnecting Jumper Model Thumbnail

Interconnecting Jumper

Vertical Clamp Feature Thumbnail

Vertical Clamp

Horizontal Under Table Screw-In Feature Thumbnail

Horizontal Under Table Screw-In

Horizontal Clamp Feature Thumbnail

Horizontal Clamp

Horizontal Screw-In Feature Thumbnail

Horizontal Screw-In

Vertical Screw-In Feature Thumbnail

Vertical Screw-In

3 Tamper Resistant Receptacles, 1 USB-A, 1 USB-C Charging Ports & Circuit Breaker Feature Thumbnail

3 Tamper Resistant Receptacles, 1 USB-A, 1 USB-C Charging Ports & Circuit Breaker

Connectors Feature Thumbnail


Cable Management Clips Feature Thumbnail

Cable Management Clips

Magnesium Finish Feature Thumbnail

Magnesium Finish

White Finish Feature Thumbnail

White Finish

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