Global Price Lists

Revised January 2019. Effective January 1, 2019.
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Global List Price Books

Seating 2019 Price Book Cover

Seating 2019 Price Book (PDF)
As of 15/02/2019

Full Version:
English 65.10M    French 66.86M

English 4.87M    French 4.98M

Work + Task Seating:
English 10.32M    French 10.91M

Multi-Purpose Seating:
English 16.42M    French 9.75M

Lounge Seating:
English 7.04M    French 7.08M

Heavy Duty + 24HR Seating:
English 12.89M    French 13.05M

Arm, Caster + Base Options:
English 7.41M    French 7.42M

Specialty Seating:
English 10.75M    French 10.97M

Casegoods 2019 Price Book Cover

Casegoods 2019 Price Book (PDF)
As of 16/01/2019

Full Version:
English 69.72M    French 79.86M

English 39.29M    French 44.81M

English 7.68M    French 7.91M

Tables + Accessories:
English 17.69M    French 17.88M

Productivity Solutions:
English 7.86M    French 8.02M

Filing + Storage:
English 9.87M    French 10.17M

Chap Seating Cover

Chap Seating (PDF)
As of 15/02/2019

Full Version:
English 794.51K    French 798.18K