1200 Series

Stay organized with the 1200 Series. This comprehensive storage solution can be customized from the top down to support your workplace needs. Choose from a range of drawer/shelf options to accommodate letter or legal sized filing, personal belongings, binders, end-tab filing, electronic storage media and more. The 1200 Series features an understated design that easily integrates into work environments.

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Horizontally Aligned Feature Thumbnail

Horizontally Aligned

Posting Shelves Feature Thumbnail

Posting Shelves

Half Height Drawers Feature Thumbnail

Half Height Drawers

Binder Storage Feature Thumbnail

Binder Storage

End-Tab Filing Feature Thumbnail

End-Tab Filing

Flexible Folder Storage Feature Thumbnail

Flexible Folder Storage

Easy Access Locks Feature Thumbnail

Easy Access Locks

Electronic Lock Feature Thumbnail

Electronic Lock

Metal Filing + Storage Finishes

Black Finish Thumbnail



Bone Finish Thumbnail



Business Grey Finish Thumbnail

Business Grey


Charcoal Grey Finish Thumbnail

Charcoal Grey


Claret Finish Thumbnail



Cloud Finish Thumbnail



Desert Putty Finish Thumbnail

Desert Putty


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Grey Finish Thumbnail



Hunter Finish Thumbnail



Ice Finish Thumbnail



Ivory Finish Thumbnail



Jade Finish Thumbnail



Kraft Finish Thumbnail



Light Grey Finish Thumbnail

Light Grey


Metro Finish Thumbnail



Moss Finish Thumbnail



Navy Finish Thumbnail



Nevada Finish Thumbnail



Oyster Finish Thumbnail



Russet Finish Thumbnail



Stone Finish Thumbnail



Tahiti Sand Finish Thumbnail

Tahiti Sand


Textured Black Coffee Finish Thumbnail

Textured Black Coffee


Textured Cappuccino Finish Thumbnail

Textured Cappuccino


Textured Dark Chocolate Finish Thumbnail

Textured Dark Chocolate


Textured Mocha Finish Thumbnail

Textured Mocha


Textured Vanilla Finish Thumbnail

Textured Vanilla


Tungsten 2 Finish Thumbnail

Tungsten 2


Wildrose Finish Thumbnail



Willow Finish Thumbnail



1200 Lateral Brochure Cover

1200 Lateral (PDF)

English 1.26M

French 1.27M

Lateral Files Comparison Brochure Cover

Lateral Files Comparison (PDF)

English 190.42K

French 190.38K

1200 Series 01 Image Thumbnail

1200 Series 01 (JPG)

Low 401.73K | High 1.23M

1200 Series 02 Image Thumbnail

1200 Series 02 (JPG)

Low 359.76K | High 792.55K

1200 Series 03 Image Thumbnail

1200 Series 03 (JPG)

Low 310.88K | High 287.48K

1230P1X Image Thumbnail

1230P1X (JPG)

Low 274.66K | High 138.43K

1230P1X Image Thumbnail

1230P1X (JPG)

Low 279.11K | High 140.28K

1236P1X Image Thumbnail

1236P1X (JPG)

Low 277.58K | High 146.35K

1236P1X Image Thumbnail

1236P1X (JPG)

Low 282.32K | High 146.88K

1242P1X Image Thumbnail

1242P1X (JPG)

Low 281.82K | High 152.86K

1242P1X Image Thumbnail

1242P1X (JPG)

Low 284.55K | High 153.59K