Granada® Deluxe

The popular features of Granada combined with a more contoured shape, slightly larger seat and back, heavily padded cushions and a modern arm pad design.

  • Designed with contoured seats and front waterfall edges.
  • Features include lumbar back height and an infinite back angle adjustment.
  • Offers a wide selection of optional arms, many of which are adjustable in height, width or angle.
ACE BIFMA Greenguard Greenguard Gold

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High Back Multi-Tilter Model Thumbnail

High Back Multi-Tilter

Medium Back Multi-Tilter Model Thumbnail

Medium Back Multi-Tilter

High Back Heavy Duty Multi-Tilter Model Thumbnail

High Back Heavy Duty Multi-Tilter

Medium Back Heavy Duty Multi-Tilter Model Thumbnail

Medium Back Heavy Duty Multi-Tilter

Width Adjustable Arms Feature Thumbnail

Width Adjustable Arms

Height Adjustable Arms Feature Thumbnail

Height Adjustable Arms

Back Height Feature Thumbnail

Back Height

Seat Depth Feature Thumbnail

Seat Depth

Contoured Seats Feature Thumbnail

Contoured Seats

Schukra Lumbar Support Feature Thumbnail

Schukra Lumbar Support

Stitching Feature Thumbnail


Optional Base Feature Thumbnail

Optional Base

Standard Base Feature Thumbnail

Standard Base

24 HR Seat Cussion Feature Thumbnail

24 HR Seat Cussion

24 HR Edge Bumper Feature Thumbnail

24 HR Edge Bumper

24 HR Tilt Tension Feature Thumbnail

24 HR Tilt Tension

Seating Base Finishes

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Polished Aluminum Finish Thumbnail

Polished Aluminum


Granada Deluxe Brochure Cover

Granada Deluxe (PDF)

English 1.13M

French 1.35M

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1170-3 (JPG)

Low 470.03K | High 1.07M

TS1170-3 Image Thumbnail

TS1170-3 (JPG)

Low 434.21K | High 1.00M

TS1171-3 Image Thumbnail

TS1171-3 (JPG)

Low 422.84K | High 973.06K

Granada Deluxe 01 Image Thumbnail

Granada Deluxe 01 (JPG)

Low 829.07K | High 1.25M

Granada Deluxe 02 Image Thumbnail

Granada Deluxe 02 (JPG)

Low 599.82K | High 1.11M