A contemporary task series with three distinctive back styles.

  • Unique posture mechanism allows both the user and the chair back to pivot from the same point in a natural motion.
  • Designed by Zooey Chu.
  • The chair back is designed to pivot from a point directly below the users hips resulting in a natural, ergonomic motion. Available as a durable nylon shell, a fabric upholstered shell, or a leather upholstered shell.
  • The tilt-tension can be adjusted to balance the user's body weight. The chair's back can be locked in either an upright or reclined position. Seat and arm height are independently adjustable.
  • G4 arms are height and width adjustable with durable Self-Skinned Urethane (SSU) armcaps that slide forward and back.
ACE BIFMA Greenguard Greenguard Gold Level

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Nylon Posture Back, Armless Model Thumbnail

Nylon Posture Back, Armless

Mesh Posture Back, Armless Model Thumbnail

Mesh Posture Back, Armless

Upholstered Posture Back, Armless Model Thumbnail

Upholstered Posture Back, Armless

Nylon Posture Back Model Thumbnail

Nylon Posture Back

Mesh Posture Back Model Thumbnail

Mesh Posture Back

Upholstered Posture Back Model Thumbnail

Upholstered Posture Back

Nylon Posture Back Stool Model Thumbnail

Nylon Posture Back Stool

Back Movement Feature Thumbnail

Back Movement

Tilt-Tension Control Feature Thumbnail

Tilt-Tension Control

Sliding Armcaps Feature Thumbnail

Sliding Armcaps

Adjustable Arms Feature Thumbnail

Adjustable Arms

Tilt-Lock Feature Thumbnail


Standard Base Feature Thumbnail

Standard Base

Optional Tungsten Base Feature Thumbnail

Optional Tungsten Base

Seating Base Finishes

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Tungsten Finish Thumbnail



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