Exquisite. Detailed. Classic. Kingston is a modern expression of old world craftsmanship. The classic proportion, attentive detailing, exquisite hand-matched veneers and solid wood edge details convey refined elegance with timeless beauty. Designed to highlight the warmth and majestic nature of real wood, Kingston offers an impressive array of storage components, fixed and freestanding worksurfaces that can be arranged to meet virtually any functional requirement.

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Interior Veneer Drawer Feature Thumbnail

Interior Veneer Drawer

K16 Edge Feature Thumbnail

K16 Edge

K18 Edge Feature Thumbnail

K18 Edge

K21 Edge Feature Thumbnail

K21 Edge

K22 Edge Feature Thumbnail

K22 Edge

K29 Edge Feature Thumbnail

K29 Edge

K30 Edge Feature Thumbnail

K30 Edge

Black Moon Pull (PL33) Feature Thumbnail

Black Moon Pull (PL33)

Nickel Moon Pull (PL34) Feature Thumbnail

Nickel Moon Pull (PL34)

Contemporary Nickel Pull (PL64) Feature Thumbnail

Contemporary Nickel Pull (PL64)

Transitional Nickle Pull (PL66) Feature Thumbnail

Transitional Nickle Pull (PL66)

Silver Bar (PL92) Handle Feature Thumbnail

Silver Bar (PL92) Handle

Black Bar (PL93) Handle Feature Thumbnail

Black Bar (PL93) Handle

Silver Rectangular (PL94) Handle Feature Thumbnail

Silver Rectangular (PL94) Handle

Black Rectangular (PL95) Handle Feature Thumbnail

Black Rectangular (PL95) Handle

Silver Slimline Pull (PL96) Feature Thumbnail

Silver Slimline Pull (PL96)

Black Slimline Pull (PL97) Feature Thumbnail

Black Slimline Pull (PL97)

Silver Princeton Bar (PL98) Handle Feature Thumbnail

Silver Princeton Bar (PL98) Handle

Black Princeton Bar (PL99) Feature Thumbnail

Black Princeton Bar (PL99)

Black Spaghetti Pull (PLS7) Feature Thumbnail

Black Spaghetti Pull (PLS7)

Silver Spaghetti Pull (PLS8) Feature Thumbnail

Silver Spaghetti Pull (PLS8)

Wood Veneers

Almond Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Almond Cherry


Amber Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Amber Cherry


Biscotti Finish Thumbnail



Cocoa Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Cocoa Walnut


Coral Finish Thumbnail



Dark Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Dark Cherry


Dark Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Dark Walnut


Espresso Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Espresso Walnut


Evening Oak Finish Thumbnail

Evening Oak


Grey on Oak Finish Thumbnail

Grey on Oak


Hazelnut Finish Thumbnail



Java Finish Thumbnail



Latte Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Latte Walnut


Mahogany On Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Mahogany On Walnut


Milestone Finish Thumbnail



Natural Maple Finish Thumbnail

Natural Maple


Natural Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Natural Walnut


Red Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Red Cherry


Umber Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Umber Walnut


Vintage Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Vintage Cherry


Walnut Finish Thumbnail



Warm Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Warm Cherry


White Maple Finish Thumbnail

White Maple


Kingston Brochure Cover

Kingston (PDF)

English 5.39M

Wood Veneer Custom Capabilities Brochure Cover

Wood Veneer Custom Capabilities (PDF)

English 1.51M

French 9.25M

Wood Veneer Installation Guide Brochure Cover

Wood Veneer Installation Guide (PDF)

English 325.44K