A contemporary desking solution with extensive options to personalize your workspace.

  • For the managerial application or executive office, create a work environment that meets your work surface needs and storage requirements. Then go ahead and personalize it!
  • Select from the following: hundreds of components for any size or shape office, storage components that can tower to 84" high, wide selection of laminate finishes, several edge options and thickness sizes, handle options in silver, black, nickel or brass finishes,  glazing options on doors and modesty panels, and lastly, work surface grommets and power blocks for your electrical needs.
  • Work surface grommets available in Black only.
  • Zira is your most functional solution to work environment efficiency and organization.
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Square Edge Silver Handle Feature Thumbnail

Square Edge Silver Handle

Square Edge Black Handle Feature Thumbnail

Square Edge Black Handle

Bar Silver Handle Feature Thumbnail

Bar Silver Handle

Bar Black Handle Feature Thumbnail

Bar Black Handle

Flared Silver Handle Feature Thumbnail

Flared Silver Handle

Flared Brass Handle Feature Thumbnail

Flared Brass Handle

Flared Black Handle Feature Thumbnail

Flared Black Handle

Dimpled Nickel Handle Feature Thumbnail

Dimpled Nickel Handle

Crescent Black Handle Feature Thumbnail

Crescent Black Handle


1" with Flat Edge (A3)


1" with Bicut Edge (AR)

1 1/2

1 1/2" with Flat Edge (C3)

1 1/2

1 1/2" with Bicut Edge (CR)

1 1/2

1 1/2" with Fluted Edge (CF)


Absolute Acajou Finish Thumbnail

Absolute Acajou


Asian Night Finish Thumbnail

Asian Night


Avant Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Avant Cherry


Avant Honey Finish Thumbnail

Avant Honey


Black Finish Thumbnail



Brushed Cobalt Finish Thumbnail

Brushed Cobalt


Clear Maple Finish Thumbnail

Clear Maple


Constellation Java Finish Thumbnail

Constellation Java


Dark Espresso Finish Thumbnail

Dark Espresso


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Hayden Grey Finish Thumbnail

Hayden Grey


Quartered Mahogany Finish Thumbnail

Quartered Mahogany


Shaker Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Shaker Cherry


Storm Grey Finish Thumbnail

Storm Grey


Tiger Fruitwood Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Fruitwood


Tiger Maple Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Maple


Tiger Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Walnut


Walnut Heights Finish Thumbnail

Walnut Heights


White Chocolate Finish Thumbnail

White Chocolate


Willow Grey Finish Thumbnail

Willow Grey


Winter Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Winter Cherry


Zira 01 Image Thumbnail

Zira 01 (JPG)

Low 437.24K | High 2.14M

Zira 02 Image Thumbnail

Zira 02 (JPG)

Low 500.05K | High 2.40M

Zira 03 Image Thumbnail

Zira 03 (JPG)

Low 420.68K | High 1.69M

Zira 04 Image Thumbnail

Zira 04 (JPG)

Low 569.76K | High 2.19M

Zira 05 Image Thumbnail

Zira 05 (JPG)

Low 490.59K | High 1.77M

Zira 06 Image Thumbnail

Zira 06 (JPG)

Low 664.03K | High 1.25M

Zira 07 Image Thumbnail

Zira 07 (JPG)

Low 566.22K | High 0

Zira 08 Image Thumbnail

Zira 08 (JPG)

Low 634.80K | High 3.28M

Zira 09 Image Thumbnail

Zira 09 (JPG)

Low 364.68K | High 0

Zira 10 Image Thumbnail

Zira 10 (JPG)

Low 321.26K | High 0

Zira 11 Image Thumbnail

Zira 11 (JPG)

Low 548.16K | High 3.07M

Zira 12 Image Thumbnail

Zira 12 (JPG)

Low 464.51K | High 1.50M

Zira 13 Image Thumbnail

Zira 13 (JPG)

Low 482.05K | High 1.75M

Zira 14 Image Thumbnail

Zira 14 (JPG)

Low 499.96K | High 1.74M

Zira 15 Image Thumbnail

Zira 15 (JPG)

Low 919.68K | High 1.57M

Zira 16 Image Thumbnail

Zira 16 (JPG)

Low 500.91K | High 1.16M

Zira 17 Image Thumbnail

Zira 17 (JPG)

Low 460.15K | High 0

Zira 18 Image Thumbnail

Zira 18 (JPG)

Low 404.76K | High 0

Zira 19 Image Thumbnail

Zira 19 (JPG)

Low 543.12K | High 2.63M

Zira 20 Image Thumbnail

Zira 20 (JPG)

Low 428.22K | High 954.12K

Zira 21 Image Thumbnail

Zira 21 (JPG)

Low 436.82K | High 1.17M

Zira 22 Image Thumbnail

Zira 22 (JPG)

Low 473.32K | High 1.62M

Zira 23 Image Thumbnail

Zira 23 (JPG)

Low 495.37K | High 1.15M

Zira 24 Image Thumbnail

Zira 24 (JPG)

Low 549.29K | High 2.33M

Zira 25 Image Thumbnail

Zira 25 (JPG)

Low 358.58K | High 1.51M

Zira 26 Image Thumbnail

Zira 26 (JPG)

Low 289.27K | High 798.45K

ZRA502L Image Thumbnail


Low 486.59K | High 673.67K

ZRA502R Image Thumbnail


Low 457.38K | High 716.72K

ZRA503L Image Thumbnail


Low 475.09K | High 510.63K

ZRA503R Image Thumbnail


Low 476.95K | High 516.62K

ZRA504L Image Thumbnail


Low 453.62K | High 561.49K

ZRA504R Image Thumbnail


Low 445.41K | High 543.58K

ZRA505L Image Thumbnail


Low 502.15K | High 618.19K

ZRA505R Image Thumbnail


Low 452.66K | High 712.17K

ZRA506L Image Thumbnail


Low 473.48K | High 482.89K

ZRA506R Image Thumbnail


Low 440.99K | High 487.53K

ZRA507L Image Thumbnail


Low 446.82K | High 401.14K

ZRA507R Image Thumbnail


Low 436.92K | High 382.93K

ZRA508L Image Thumbnail


Low 459.20K | High 585.78K

ZRA508R Image Thumbnail


Low 434.42K | High 525.55K

ZRA509L Image Thumbnail


Low 473.65K | High 453.19K

ZRA509R Image Thumbnail


Low 455.21K | High 418.69K

ZRA510L Image Thumbnail


Low 442.89K | High 389.04K

ZRA510R Image Thumbnail


Low 408.49K | High 425.36K

ZRA513L Image Thumbnail


Low 466.92K | High 539.45K

ZRA513R Image Thumbnail


Low 459.00K | High 523.58K

ZRA514L Image Thumbnail


Low 408.74K | High 1.02M

ZRA514R Image Thumbnail


Low 425.22K | High 0.97M

ZRA515L Image Thumbnail


Low 370.05K | High 842.67K

ZRA515R Image Thumbnail


Low 377.53K | High 882.56K

ZRA516L Image Thumbnail


Low 414.26K | High 415.57K

ZRA516R Image Thumbnail


Low 427.95K | High 446.65K

ZRA517L Image Thumbnail


Low 442.49K | High 524.24K

ZRA517R Image Thumbnail


Low 447.45K | High 553.51K

ZRA518L Image Thumbnail


Low 395.41K | High 306.69K

ZRA518R Image Thumbnail


Low 394.48K | High 322.84K

ZRA519L Image Thumbnail


Low 411.27K | High 210.49K

ZRA519R Image Thumbnail


Low 385.07K | High 268.44K

ZRA520L Image Thumbnail


Low 442.12K | High 480.38K

ZRA520R Image Thumbnail


Low 463.46K | High 531.84K

ZRA521L Image Thumbnail


Low 445.44K | High 530.32K

ZRA521R Image Thumbnail


Low 448.40K | High 541.11K

ZRA522L Image Thumbnail


Low 440.98K | High 702.94K

ZRA522R Image Thumbnail


Low 436.99K | High 751.55K

ZRA523L Image Thumbnail


Low 453.83K | High 597.26K

ZRA523R Image Thumbnail


Low 433.88K | High 666.57K

ZRA524L Image Thumbnail


Low 452.25K | High 628.63K

ZRA524R Image Thumbnail


Low 453.27K | High 630.65K