Dufferin presents a bold new approach for the office environment – the integration of wood veneer and laminate.

  • Exceed your expectations with form and function in perfect balance.
  • Worksurfaces, drawer and cabinet fronts use genuine wood veneer while the chassis and cabinets are finished in laminate or wood veneer.
  • Dufferin's inspired design fuses the warmth and beauty of real wood with laminate, glass and steel to present a full spectrum of possibilities.
  • The refined intelligent design creates an understated elegance that combines functionality with uncompromised quality.
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Two Inch Knife Edge Feature Thumbnail

Two Inch Knife Edge

Coped Edge Feature Thumbnail

Coped Edge

Color Keyed Grommets Feature Thumbnail

Color Keyed Grommets

Square Post Leg Feature Thumbnail

Square Post Leg

Tackboard / Optional Accessory Rail Feature Thumbnail

Tackboard / Optional Accessory Rail

Power/Data Grommets Feature Thumbnail

Power/Data Grommets

Base Upgrade Feature Thumbnail

Base Upgrade

Black Moon (PL33) handle Feature Thumbnail

Black Moon (PL33) handle

Black Spaghetti (PLS7) handle Feature Thumbnail

Black Spaghetti (PLS7) handle

Nickel (PL64) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel (PL64) handle

Nickel Diamond (PL65) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel Diamond (PL65) handle

Nickel Moon (PL34) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel Moon (PL34) handle

Nickel Square Edge (PL66) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel Square Edge (PL66) handle

Silver Spaghetti (PLS8) handle Feature Thumbnail

Silver Spaghetti (PLS8) handle

Tungsten (PL67) handle Feature Thumbnail

Tungsten (PL67) handle

Tungsten (PL74), Upper (DK67) handle Feature Thumbnail

Tungsten (PL74), Upper (DK67) handle


Black Finish Thumbnail



Custom Grey Finish Thumbnail

Custom Grey


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Hayden Grey Finish Thumbnail

Hayden Grey


Storm Grey Finish Thumbnail

Storm Grey


String Finish Thumbnail



Wood Veneers

Almond Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Almond Cherry


Caramel Bamboo Finish Thumbnail

Caramel Bamboo


Cocoa Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Cocoa Walnut


Coral Finish Thumbnail



Dark Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Dark Cherry


Espresso Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Espresso Walnut


Evening Oak Finish Thumbnail

Evening Oak


Grey on Oak Finish Thumbnail

Grey on Oak


Hazelnut Finish Thumbnail



Honey Maple Finish Thumbnail

Honey Maple


Java Finish Thumbnail



Latte Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Latte Walnut


Milestone Finish Thumbnail



Mocha Finish Thumbnail



Natural Maple Finish Thumbnail

Natural Maple


Red Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Red Cherry


Vintage Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Vintage Cherry


Walnut Finish Thumbnail



Warm Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Warm Cherry


White Maple Finish Thumbnail

White Maple


Dufferin Brochure Cover

Dufferin (PDF)

English 761.85K

Dufferin 01 Image Thumbnail

Dufferin 01 (JPG)

Low 490.57K | High 1.33M

Dufferin 02 Image Thumbnail

Dufferin 02 (JPG)

Low 632.41K | High 841.63K

Dufferin 03 Image Thumbnail

Dufferin 03 (JPG)

Low 424.60K | High 600.64K

Dufferin 04 Image Thumbnail

Dufferin 04 (JPG)

Low 232.50K | High 573.59K

Dufferin 05 Image Thumbnail

Dufferin 05 (JPG)

Low 363.54K | High 442.67K

Dufferin 06 Image Thumbnail

Dufferin 06 (JPG)

Low 309.81K | High 655.89K

DUF501L Image Thumbnail


Low 430.20K | High 389.99K

DUF501R Image Thumbnail


Low 430.07K | High 407.61K

DUF502 Image Thumbnail

DUF502 (JPG)

Low 409.90K | High 1.01M

DUF506L Image Thumbnail


Low 421.11K | High 427.73K

DUF506R Image Thumbnail


Low 424.60K | High 435.19K