Purchasing Contracts

State Contracts

Alabama State
Contract ID: MA 999 17000000092 (MA T390 Furniture)

Alabama - University System
Contract ID: T054514

Arkansas - Statewide Furniture
Contract ID: SP20 0120/4600047633

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)
Contract ID: 4-18-71-0139B

Connecticut - Freestanding Office, Lounge, Dormitory & Residential Furniture
Contract ID: 15PSX0041

Connecticut - Systems Workstation Furniture
Contract ID: 16PSX0171

ESCNJ Educational Services Commission of New Jersey
Contract ID: ESCNJ 20/21-01

Florida - Statewide Furniture - Alternate Contract Source
Contract ID: 56120000-19-ACS

Georgia State
Contract ID: 99999-001-SPD-0000100-0032

Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative (IPHEC)
Contract ID: 196ALC

Kansas - Office Furniture
Contract ID: 0000000000000000000043965

KCDA Cooperative Purchasing General Furniture
Contract ID: 20-130

Los Angeles County, California
Contract ID: MA-IS-1940227

Louisiana State University (LSU)
Contract ID: CNR-01328

MHEC Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium - Purchasing Agreement for Furniture
Contract ID: MC11-C07

Miami-Dade County, Florida
Contract ID: RTQ-00439

Mississippi - Furniture
Contract ID: 8200057410

New York - Statewide Furniture
Contract ID: PC68336

North Carolina State
Contract ID: 201800242 (420A)

Oregon - Office Seating
Contract ID: 8311

Pennsylvania - Commercial Furniture
Contract ID: 4400016571

Pennsylvania - Systems Workstation Furniture
Contract ID: 4400016777

South Carolina - Statewide Furniture
Contract ID: 4400022641

South Dakota - Furniture & Related Products
Contract ID: 16765

Texas - TXMAS Office Furniture
Contract ID: TXMAS-19-7106

University of Madison, Wisconsin - Miscellaneous Educational Related Furniture & Related Accessories
Contract ID: 18-5665

University of Minnesota, Minnesota  
Contract ID: U42-112

Wisconsin - Office Furniture
Contract ID: 505ENT-M20-OFFURNITUR-04

Group Purchasing Organizations

Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing Agreement (E&I)
Contract ID: CNR01328

Equalis Purchasing Agreement - School & Office Furniture
Contract ID: EQ-052920-01F

HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG)
Contract ID: HPG-19978

Contract ID: PP-FA-847

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)
Contract ID: 200301

Vizient GPO - Purchasing Agreement for Furniture
Contract ID: CE3374