Lufton™ Tables

The Lufton series is a contemporary collection featuring an all wood veneer construction.

  • Naturally beautiful wood veneer for any office environment, from contemporary to conservative.
  • Create classic private offices or trendsetting collaborative workspaces.
  • Complement it all with small meeting rooms or large boardrooms, easily adaptable for growing data and power needs.
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Black Moon (PL33) handle Feature Thumbnail

Black Moon (PL33) handle

Black Spaghetti (PLS7) handle Feature Thumbnail

Black Spaghetti (PLS7) handle

Nickel (PL64) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel (PL64) handle

Nickel Moon (PL34) handle Feature Thumbnail

Nickel Moon (PL34) handle

Silver Spaghetti (PLS8) handle Feature Thumbnail

Silver Spaghetti (PLS8) handle

Silver Wedge (PL75) handle Feature Thumbnail

Silver Wedge (PL75) handle

Tungsten (PL67) handle Feature Thumbnail

Tungsten (PL67) handle

Tungsten (PL74), Uppers (DK67) handle Feature Thumbnail

Tungsten (PL74), Uppers (DK67) handle

Wood Veneers

Cocoa Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Cocoa Walnut


Dark Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Dark Cherry


Espresso Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Espresso Walnut


Grey on Oak Finish Thumbnail

Grey on Oak


Hazelnut Finish Thumbnail



Honey Maple Finish Thumbnail

Honey Maple


Java Finish Thumbnail



Latte Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Latte Walnut


Mocha Finish Thumbnail



Natural Maple Finish Thumbnail

Natural Maple


Red Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Red Cherry


Walnut Finish Thumbnail



Warm Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Warm Cherry


White Maple Finish Thumbnail

White Maple


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Lufton Tables 01 (JPG)

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