Aldon offers an affordable and personalized solution for patient and resident room furniture. Bedside cabinets and wardrobes are available in a variety of configurations. Aldon dressers are available with full width or half width drawers for shared use in double occupancy rooms.

Smooth, durable finishes and straight edge profiles support housekeeping and infection control practices. Aldon can be fully serviced on site including the replacement of individual components. Custom modifications, dimensions and special needs can be accommodated on a project basis.

ACE BIFMA BIFMA Compliant Greenguard

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Metal Legs Feature Thumbnail

Metal Legs

Swivel Dual Wheel Casters Feature Thumbnail

Swivel Dual Wheel Casters

Plinth Base Feature Thumbnail

Plinth Base

Drawer Liner Feature Thumbnail

Drawer Liner

Drawer Box Feature Thumbnail

Drawer Box

Drawer Glide Feature Thumbnail

Drawer Glide

Door Hinges Feature Thumbnail

Door Hinges

Arc Style Handles Feature Thumbnail

Arc Style Handles

Locks Feature Thumbnail


Vents Feature Thumbnail


Anti-Tip Brackets Feature Thumbnail

Anti-Tip Brackets

Laminates - Aldon

Absolute Acajou Finish Thumbnail

Absolute Acajou


Asian Night Finish Thumbnail

Asian Night


Avant Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Avant Cherry


Avant Honey Finish Thumbnail

Avant Honey


Black Finish Thumbnail



Brushed Cobalt Finish Thumbnail

Brushed Cobalt


Clear Maple Finish Thumbnail

Clear Maple


Dark Espresso Finish Thumbnail

Dark Espresso


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Hayden Grey Finish Thumbnail

Hayden Grey


Noce Biondo Finish Thumbnail

Noce Biondo


Noce Grigio Finish Thumbnail

Noce Grigio


Noce Leggero Finish Thumbnail

Noce Leggero


Noce Medio Finish Thumbnail

Noce Medio


Storm Grey Finish Thumbnail

Storm Grey


Walnut Heights Finish Thumbnail

Walnut Heights


Quartered Mahogany Finish Thumbnail

Quartered Mahogany


Tiger Fruitwood Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Fruitwood


Tiger Walnut Finish Thumbnail

Tiger Walnut


White Chocolate Finish Thumbnail

White Chocolate


Winter Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Winter Cherry


Corian® - Aldon + Sonoma

Antarctica Finish Thumbnail



Bisque Finish Thumbnail



Bone Finish Thumbnail



Cameo White Finish Thumbnail

Cameo White


Glacier White Finish Thumbnail

Glacier White


Linen Finish Thumbnail



Platinum Finish Thumbnail



Savannah Finish Thumbnail



Silver Gray Finish Thumbnail

Silver Gray


Thermofoil - Aldon + Sonoma

American Natural Finish Thumbnail

American Natural


Arctic Groove Finish Thumbnail

Arctic Groove


Baroque Finish Thumbnail



Bourbon Cherry Finish Thumbnail

Bourbon Cherry


Cherry Blossom Finish Thumbnail

Cherry Blossom


Classic Maple Finish Thumbnail

Classic Maple


Aldon Bedside Cabinets Brochure Cover

Aldon Bedside Cabinets (PDF)

English 550.70K

French 551.02K

Aldon Dressers Brochure Cover

Aldon Dressers (PDF)

English 692.96K

French 693.20K

Aldon Wardrobes Brochure Cover

Aldon Wardrobes (PDF)

English 732.81K

French 732.44K

GCEXBT01CN Image Thumbnail


Low 277.40K | High 135.06K

GCEXBT03LNCO Image Thumbnail


Low 303.80K | High 216.90K

GCEXBT04PN Image Thumbnail


Low 314.49K | High 244.12K

GCEXBT06LRN Image Thumbnail


Low 309.21K | High 240.99K

GCEXDD01LN Image Thumbnail


Low 342.67K | High 621.47K

GCEXDD01LN Image Thumbnail


Low 341.89K | High 614.41K

GCEXDR02LN Image Thumbnail


Low 340.02K | High 634.63K

GCEXDR02LN Image Thumbnail


Low 333.93K | High 595.77K

GCEXDR07LN Image Thumbnail


Low 364.19K | High 763.45K

GCEXDR07LN Image Thumbnail


Low 358.98K | High 711.26K

GCEXWD04LN Image Thumbnail


Low 439.17K | High 1.07M

GCEXWD04LN Image Thumbnail


Low 451.02K | High 1.14M

GCEXWD04PN Image Thumbnail


Low 447.31K | High 1.17M

GCEXWD04PN Image Thumbnail


Low 458.31K | High 1.24M

GCEXWN02LRN Image Thumbnail


Low 332.81K | High 595.00K

GCEXWN02LRN Image Thumbnail


Low 345.06K | High 664.21K

Aldon 01 Image Thumbnail

Aldon 01 (JPG)

Low 476.72K | High 1.98M

Aldon 02 Image Thumbnail

Aldon 02 (JPG)

Low 433.69K | High 1.69M

Aldon 03 Image Thumbnail

Aldon 03 (JPG)

Low 531.24K | High 2.19M