Global Literature

Current product brochures and catalogs are listed below by category and series in alphabetical order (pdf format).


The Global Group Brochure Cover

The Global Group (PDF)

English 5.14M

French 6.03M

40th Anniversary Book Brochure Cover

40th Anniversary Book (PDF)

English 3.29M

Corporate Responsibility Report Brochure Cover

Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

English 2.92M

French 2.92M


Creating Caring Spaces Brochure Cover

Creating Caring Spaces (PDF)

English 3.96M

French 3.96M

Responsible Solutions Brochure Cover

Responsible Solutions (PDF)

English 4.41M

French 4.35M

Global - A Trusted Partner Brochure Cover

Global - A Trusted Partner (PDF)

English 1.40M

French 1.40M

Acute Care Brochure Cover

Acute Care (PDF)

English 7.44M

French 7.41M

Healthier Hospitals Brochure Cover

Healthier Hospitals (PDF)

English 1.34M

French 1.34M

Infection Control Brochure Cover

Infection Control (PDF)

English 1.98M

French 1.98M


Calidon Brochure Cover

Calidon (PDF)

English 1.52M

French 1.52M

Calidon - Interactive Brochure Cover

Calidon - Interactive (PDF)



Desmond Brochure Cover

Desmond (PDF)

English 1.62M

French 1.68M

Desmond HT Brochure Cover

Desmond HT (PDF)

English 1.36M

French 1.36M

Flap - Interactive Brochure Cover

Flap - Interactive (PDF)



Frolick, Splash + Curtsy Brochure Cover

Frolick, Splash + Curtsy (PDF)

English 635.28K

French 639.93K

Gala II Brochure Cover

Gala II (PDF)

English 1.76M

French 1.76M

GC Belong Brochure Cover

GC Belong (PDF)

English 3.07M

French 3.07M

GC Comet Brochure Cover

GC Comet (PDF)

English 1.83M

French 1.83M

GC Islands Brochure Cover

GC Islands (PDF)

English 314.09K

French 314.38K

GC Wind Brochure Cover

GC Wind (PDF)

English 1.86M

French 1.87M

Kensington Brochure Cover

Kensington (PDF)

English 1.45M

French 1.45M

ObusForme Comfort Brochure Cover

ObusForme Comfort (PDF)

English 1.07M

French 1.09M

Phoenix Brochure Cover

Phoenix (PDF)

English 1.43M

French 1.43M

Primacare Brochure Cover

Primacare (PDF)

English 1.55M

French 1.51M

Primacare HT Sell Sheet Brochure Cover

Primacare HT Sell Sheet (PDF)

English 832.43K

French 836.29K

Primacare Modular Sell Sheet Brochure Cover

Primacare Modular Sell Sheet (PDF)

English 202.13K

French 205.20K

Primacare Modular Lounge Brochure Cover

Primacare Modular Lounge (PDF)

English 1.46M

French 1.46M

Primacare Motion Recliner Brochure Cover

Primacare Motion Recliner (PDF)

English 556.25K

French 632.87K

Primacare Recliner Brochure Cover

Primacare Recliner (PDF)

English 548.30K

French 624.67K

Primacare Sleeper Brochure Cover

Primacare Sleeper (PDF)

English 683.92K

French 748.12K

Primacare Wingback Brochure Cover

Primacare Wingback (PDF)

English 1.56M

French 1.74M

River+ - Workplace Brochure Cover

River+ - Workplace (PDF)

English 4.21M

French 4.22M

River+ - Education Brochure Cover

River+ - Education (PDF)

English 3.73M

French 3.73M

River+ - Healthcare Brochure Cover

River+ - Healthcare (PDF)

English 6.91M

French 6.92M

Savannah Brochure Cover

Savannah (PDF)

English 759.29K

French 1.11M

Sleep-Eez Brochure Cover

Sleep-Eez (PDF)

English 1.43M

French 1.43M


Licence 2 Brochure Cover

Licence 2 (PDF)

English 2.37M

French 2.23M

Licence 2 Pantry Storage Brochure Cover

Licence 2 Pantry Storage (PDF)

English 367.04K

French 366.70K


2gether Tables Brochure Cover

2gether Tables (PDF)

English 2.91M

French 2.91M

Bungee Tables Brochure Cover

Bungee Tables (PDF)

English 2.63M

French 2.63M

Bungee SL Tables Design Guide Brochure Cover

Bungee SL Tables Design Guide (PDF)

English 5.57M

French 5.59M

Foli Height Adjustable Tables Brochure Cover

Foli Height Adjustable Tables (PDF)

English 952.26K

French 953.83K

Activity / Dining Tables Brochure Cover

Activity / Dining Tables (PDF)

English 2.15M

French 2.15M

Occasional / Dining Tables Brochure Cover

Occasional / Dining Tables (PDF)

English 339.73K

French 404.43K

Swap Tables Brochure Cover

Swap Tables (PDF)

English 1.50M

French 1.51M

Zira Tables Brochure Cover

Zira Tables (PDF)

English 2.01M

French 2.01M

Wellness Solutions

Pop-Up Clinics Brochure Cover

Pop-Up Clinics (PDF)

English 1.73M

French 1.71M

Consultation Booth Brochure Cover

Consultation Booth (PDF)

English 543.43K

French 328.81K

Linking Panels Brochure Cover

Linking Panels (PDF)

English 1.29M

French 584.05K

Wellness Screens Brochure Cover

Wellness Screens (PDF)

English 1.44M

French 1.43M

Wellness Tri-Fold Screens Brochure Cover

Wellness Tri-Fold Screens (PDF)

English 787.01K

Patient + Resident Room Furniture

Aldon Bedside Cabinets Brochure Cover

Aldon Bedside Cabinets (PDF)

English 550.70K

French 551.02K

Aldon Dressers Brochure Cover

Aldon Dressers (PDF)

English 692.96K

French 693.20K

Aldon Wardrobes Brochure Cover

Aldon Wardrobes (PDF)

English 732.81K

French 732.44K

Overbed Tables Brochure Cover

Overbed Tables (PDF)

English 799.33K

French 794.72K

Sonoma Bedside Cabinets Brochure Cover

Sonoma Bedside Cabinets (PDF)

English 1.30M

French 1.30M

Sonoma Dressers, Hutches & Bookcases Brochure Cover

Sonoma Dressers, Hutches & Bookcases (PDF)

English 1.67M

French 1.67M

Sonoma Wardrobe Cabinets Brochure Cover

Sonoma Wardrobe Cabinets (PDF)

English 2.31M

French 2.71M

Sonoma Accessories & Finishes Brochure Cover

Sonoma Accessories & Finishes (PDF)

English 2.05M

French 2.20M

Filing + Storage

1200 Lateral Brochure Cover

1200 Lateral (PDF)

English 1.26M

French 1.27M

2600 + 2600 Plus Vertical Sell Sheet Brochure Cover

2600 + 2600 Plus Vertical Sell Sheet (PDF)

English 83.82K

French 86.25K

G Series Pedestals Sell Sheet Brochure Cover

G Series Pedestals Sell Sheet (PDF)

English 78.42K

French 80.19K

Personal Lockers Brochure Cover

Personal Lockers (PDF)

English 1.08M

French 1.21M

Personal Towers Sell Sheet Brochure Cover

Personal Towers Sell Sheet (PDF)

English 86.32K

French 90.33K

Storage Cabinets Sell Sheet Brochure Cover

Storage Cabinets Sell Sheet (PDF)

English 77.97K

French 82.14K

Global Carded Seating Textiles

Dreme Sleep Surfaces Brochure Cover

Dreme Sleep Surfaces (PDF)

English 253.07K

Pure Brochure Cover

Pure (PDF)

English 663.81K

Release Brochure Cover

Release (PDF)

English 1.39M

Vital Brochure Cover

Vital (PDF)

English 644.78K

Global Alliance Partners Textiles

Arc|Com Collection Brochure Cover

Arc|Com Collection (PDF)

English 3.10M

CF Stinson Collection Brochure Cover

CF Stinson Collection (PDF)

English 3.32M

EnviroLeather by LDI Brochure Cover

EnviroLeather by LDI (PDF)

English 1.54M

Maharam High Performance 5 Brochure Cover

Maharam High Performance 5 (PDF)

English 2.80M

Mayer Fabrics Collection Brochure Cover

Mayer Fabrics Collection (PDF)

English 3.34M

Momentum Collection Brochure Cover

Momentum Collection (PDF)

English 3.09M

Momentum Performance Brochure Cover

Momentum Performance (PDF)

English 2.79M

Momentum Silica Collection Brochure Cover

Momentum Silica Collection (PDF)

English 2.76M

Morbern Bantam Collection Brochure Cover

Morbern Bantam Collection (PDF)

English 710.60K

Morbern Celebration Collection Brochure Cover

Morbern Celebration Collection (PDF)

English 4.75M

Morbern GC Linen Collection Brochure Cover

Morbern GC Linen Collection (PDF)

English 1.16M

Morbern Hexx Collection Brochure Cover

Morbern Hexx Collection (PDF)

English 2.00M

Morbern MorCare Collection Brochure Cover

Morbern MorCare Collection (PDF)

English 2.19M

Ultrafabrics Collection Brochure Cover

Ultrafabrics Collection (PDF)

English 963.68K


Flap Finishes Brochure Cover

Flap Finishes (PDF)

English 63.40K

Laminates Brochure Cover

Laminates (PDF)

English 2.74M

Wood Finishes Brochure Cover

Wood Finishes (PDF)

English 1.12M

Metal Filing + Storage Finishes Brochure Cover

Metal Filing + Storage Finishes (PDF)

English 361.45K