Global Price Lists

Pricing effective January 2023.
Revised May 2024.
List pricing shown. Dealers will sell for less.

Global Healthcare Price Lists

Healthcare 2024 Price List Cover

Healthcare 2024 Price List (PDF)
As of 13/05/2024

Full Version:
English 12.19M    French 13.08M

English 9.44M    French 9.93M

English 2.53M    French 2.81M

Patient + Resident Room Furniture:
English 3.28M    French 3.37M

Arm + Caster Selections:
English 1.16M    French 1.17M

Calidon Tables Cover

Calidon Tables (PDF)
As of 14/05/2024

Full Version:
English 563.81K    French 590.74K