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Revised December 2018. Effective January 1, 2019.
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Globalcare List Price Books

Globalcare 2019 Price Book Cover

Globalcare 2019 Price Book (PDF)
As of 20/12/2018

Full Version:
English 28.64M    French 30.34M

English 16.86M    French 17.27M

English 1.30M    French 1.45M

Personal Room Furniture:
English 3.61M    French 3.81M

Arm + Caster Selections:
English 1.26M    French 1.27M

Primacare Modular Lounge Cover

Primacare Modular Lounge (PDF)
As of 28/11/2018

Full Version:
English 1.96M    French 2.12M