Global Price Lists

Revised January 2021.
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Globalcare List Price Books

Globalcare 2021 Price Book Cover

Globalcare 2021 Price Book (PDF)
As of 21/01/2021

Full Version:
English 41.81M    French 42.58M

English 36.00M    French 36.55M

English 2.31M    French 2.39M

Personal Room Furniture:
English 3.44M    French 3.53M

Arm + Caster Selections:
English 1.14M    French 1.15M

River+ Cover

River+ (PDF)
As of 01/10/2020

Full Version:
English 503.11K    French 476.49K

Dreme Cover

Dreme (PDF)
As of 29/07/2020

Full Version:
English 769.71K    French 772.01K