Global Price Lists

Effective January 2017. Revised August 28, 2017. 
List Pricing shown. Dealers will sell for less.

Globalcare List Price Books

Globalcare 2017 Price Book Cover

Globalcare 2017 Price Book (PDF)
As of 28/08/2017

Full Version:
English 27.65M    French 28.93M

Personal Room Furniture:
English 3.63M    French 3.79M

Work Tools:
English 1.38M    French 1.42M

English 1.31M    French 1.47M

English 21.08M    French 21.52M

Arm + Caster Selections:
English 1.19M    French 1.21M

English 900.62K    French 919.09K

Primacare Wingback Seating Cover

Primacare Wingback Seating (PDF)
As of 30/05/2017

Full Version:
English 911.13K    French 923.70K