Bungee SL™ Tables

Bungee SL takes the popular aesthetic of the Bungee series and allows tables to be specified in shared leg and permanent applications – great for training, teaming and academic areas.

  • Bungee SL tops and legs are sold separately, increasing the flexibility of the product in the future and allows for space saving in areas where real estate is a premium.
  • Top shapes: Rectangular, Keystone, Half Moon, Wedge.
  • Four edge styles.
  • Two leg styles are available – Tapered and Spider leg. Available in Silver (SI) or Black (BK) finish.
  • To utilize Bungee SL to the fullest extent, specify power and data management troughs.
  • Power/Data Management Troughs are available with laminate or aluminum front panels. A center spine version allows for inexpensive double-sided applications.
  • Power/Data Management Troughs accept Global's 4-wire power kits, in addition to numerous data, phone and other multimedia wires.
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Power and Data Management Feature Thumbnail

Power and Data Management

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Aluminum Face Panel Options

Laminate Face Panel Options Feature Thumbnail

Laminate Face Panel Options

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Center Spine Panel Options

Round Corner Edge Feature Thumbnail

Round Corner Edge

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Square Corner Edge

Spider with Glides Feature Thumbnail

Spider with Glides

Tapered with Glides Feature Thumbnail

Tapered with Glides

Bungee Tables Brochure Cover

Bungee Tables (PDF)

English 2.59M

French 2.60M

Bungee SL Tables Design Guide Brochure Cover

Bungee SL Tables Design Guide (PDF)

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French 5.59M

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Bungee SL Tables 01 (JPG)

Low 532.87K | High 1.49M

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Bungee SL Tables 02 (JPG)

Low 581.48K | High 1.23M

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Bungee SL Tables 03 (JPG)

Low 663.23K | High 2.08M

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Bungee Tables 04 (JPG)

Low 454.55K | High 1.32M

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Bungee SL Tables 05 (JPG)

Low 474.19K | High 1.05M