GC Wind™

GC Wind is a beautiful modern design bringing grace and luxury to lounge seating. Each piece has been scaled down for today's space challenges. The High back and Low back models compliment each other allowing for flexibility in furniture layouts.

  • The seat cushion is fully encased by the upholstery with a nylon zippered opening, to protect the interior construction from contact with spills, body fluids and other elements that would effect the products performance
  • The seat cushion is constructed using Ultracell foam with a waterfall front further enhancing the level of comfort
  • The seat cover has a seamless front to prevent eventual breakdown of seams causing liquid penetration into foam
  • To enhance product life span the removable seat cushion allows for easy replacement of the upholstery cover or the entire cushion should it be required
  • An open sealed frame structure below the seat cushion offers superior construction strength while eliminating any barrier below the seat
  • A durable steel tubular base in Chrome provides a lighter, graceful look in addition to raising the unit from the floor for ease of cleaning
  • The high back models provide greater comfort and support when sitting for long periods of time
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Lounge Chair Model Thumbnail

Lounge Chair

High Back Lounge Chair Model Thumbnail

High Back Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair Model Thumbnail

Lounge Chair

High Back Two Seat Sofa Model Thumbnail

High Back Two Seat Sofa

Three Seat Sofa Model Thumbnail

Three Seat Sofa

High Back Three Seat Sofa Model Thumbnail

High Back Three Seat Sofa

Metal Frame + Leg Finishes

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GC3361HB Image Thumbnail

GC3361HB (JPG)

Low 296.69K | High 356.13K

GC3361HB Image Thumbnail

GC3361HB (JPG)

Low 275.23K | High 306.79K

GC3361HB Image Thumbnail

GC3361HB (JPG)

Low 295.68K | High 344.85K

GC3362HB Image Thumbnail

GC3362HB (JPG)

Low 394.01K | High 562.26K

GC3363HB Image Thumbnail

GC3363HB (JPG)

Low 468.95K | High 706.14K

GC3361HB Image Thumbnail

GC3361HB (JPG)

Low 339.15K | High 502.71K

GC3363HB Image Thumbnail

GC3363HB (JPG)

Low 550.36K | High 1.01M

GC-Wind 01 Image Thumbnail

GC-Wind 01 (JPG)

Low 505.65K | High 1.72M

GC-Wind 02 Image Thumbnail

GC-Wind 02 (JPG)

Low 588.51K | High 2.11M

GC-Wind 03 Image Thumbnail

GC-Wind 03 (JPG)

Low 594.76K | High 2.21M

GC-Wind 04 Image Thumbnail

GC-Wind 04 (JPG)

Low 626.51K | High 2.75M

GC-Wind 05 Image Thumbnail

GC-Wind 05 (JPG)

Low 547.22K | High 1.70M

GC-Wind 06 Image Thumbnail

GC-Wind 06 (JPG)

Low 580.62K | High 3.19M