ML Park™

Simplicity. Proportion. Balance. Execution. These are the attributes of ML Park that endure the coming and going of style. The series includes a lounge chair, a sofa in two widths and an ottoman. Each is available with loose or secured back cushions and an optional seamless seat to support the interior application. Designed by Richard Eppstadt. 

  • Armless modern lounge seating with a distinctive retro design.
  • Features durable square metal legs.
  • Optional fixed back cushion (FC).
  • Fully upholstered continuous seat and back cushions with distinctive seams.
  • Available in five frame finish options.
BIFMA Greenguard Greenguard Gold

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Lounge Chair Model Thumbnail

Lounge Chair

Two Seat Sofa Model Thumbnail

Two Seat Sofa

Three Seat Sofa Model Thumbnail

Three Seat Sofa

Cushion Options Feature Thumbnail

Cushion Options

Seat Cushion Options Feature Thumbnail

Seat Cushion Options

Black (BLK) Feature Thumbnail

Black (BLK)

Brushed Chrome (BRC) Feature Thumbnail

Brushed Chrome (BRC)

Chrome (CH) Feature Thumbnail

Chrome (CH)

Designer White (DWT) Feature Thumbnail

Designer White (DWT)

Tungsten (TUN) Feature Thumbnail

Tungsten (TUN)

Seating Metal Leg + Frame Finishes

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Brushed Aluminum Finish Thumbnail

Brushed Aluminum


Designer White Finish Thumbnail

Designer White


Polished Aluminum Finish Thumbnail

Polished Aluminum


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ML Park Brochure Cover

ML Park (PDF)

English 1.05M

ML Park 01 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 01 (JPG)

Low 32.82K | High 2.98M

ML Park 02 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 02 (JPG)

Low 26.54K | High 2.25M

ML Park 03 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 03 (JPG)

Low 25.91K | High 1.23M

ML Park 04 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 04 (JPG)

Low 27.80K | High 1.26M

ML Park 05 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 05 (JPG)

Low 52.06K | High 946.33K

ML Park 06 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 06 (JPG)

Low 56.90K | High 0.99M

ML Park 07 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 07 (JPG)

Low 41.24K | High 805.52K

ML Park 08 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 08 (JPG)

Low 47.75K | High 825.50K

ML Park 09 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 09 (JPG)

Low 23.43K | High 1.00M

ML Park 10 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 10 (JPG)

Low 23.56K | High 1.01M

ML Park 11 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 11 (JPG)

Low 27.02K | High 715.37K

ML Park 12 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 12 (JPG)

Low 27.63K | High 703.71K

ML Park 13 Image Thumbnail

ML Park 13 (JPG)

Low 28.83K | High 881.17K