Sièges bariatriques

Bergères Primacare<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>

Bergères PrimacareMC

A contoured back with superior lumbar support for long-term seating comfort.

Aubra<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


A simple design that delivers comfort and durability in a wide range of models.

Frolick<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


Multi-purpose, light scale seating with a rectangular shaped back and heavy duty frame for a strong and durable solution.

GC Comet<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>

GC CometMC

A versatile and compact stacking chair with a choice of several back profiles for customization.

Nourish<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


The ultimate patient chair with unique features to accommodate various body types, sizes and mobility issues.

Strand<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


The perfect blend of versatility and comfort when a reliable solution is required.

GC Belong<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>

GC BelongMC

A complete solution of freestanding chairs, interlocking configurations and specialty seating to meet a variety of healthcare needs.

GC Sidero<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>

GC SideroMC

Multi-purpose stack seating with options available to meet rigorous infection control requirements.

Primacare<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


A new benchmark in healthcare seating with extensive options for both acute and long term care applications.

Primacare<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup> HT

PrimacareMC HT

A rugged, steel version of Primacare for high traffic applications.