Sièges de salon

River+<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


Nous vous présentons nouvelle génération de notre très populaire gamme de meubles de salon. Elle répond désormais aux exigences des milieux du travail, de l’éducation et des soins de santé.

Coast<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


A smooth, low-range, rocking glider with a curved backrest for ultimate support and comfort.

Bergères Primacare<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>

Bergères PrimacareMC

A contoured back with superior lumbar support for long-term seating comfort.

Primacare<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


A new benchmark in healthcare seating with extensive options for both acute and long term care applications.

Primacare<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup> HT

PrimacareMC HT

A rugged, steel version of Primacare for high traffic applications.

GC Wind<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


Simple geometry and slim proportions with fully encased cushions for easy cleaning.

GC Citi<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


A contemporary series with sleek cushioning and seamless front upholstery for lasting comfort and durability.

Chapter<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


Brings warmth and comfort to any seating area with ample cushioning and a generous arm profile.

GC Sirena<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>

GC SirenaMC

A modern, compact club chair with soft curves and a comfortable fit.

GC Prairie<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>

GC PrairieMC

Softly curved back cushions with an arched hardwood base, ideal for resident rooms, lounge and waiting areas.

Senator<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


Modernizes the wingback chair with gracious curves and a supportive high back.

Heather<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


Clean lines and aesthetic appeal in a compact size to allow for greater flexibility of furniture arrangements.

Aubra<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


A simple design that delivers comfort and durability in a wide range of models.

Wingback<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


Adds sophistication to any space with graceful features, tailored to provide a comfortable fit.

Bishop<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


The perfect relaxation chair with soft cushioning and rolled Lawson arms.