Doctor Buddy<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>

Doctor BuddyMC

Swivel stools for office tasks or examinations.

Tabourets à pédal

Tabourets à pédal

Foot activated, height adjustable stools for hands-free tasks.

GC Tritek<sup class='sup-special-char'>MD</sup>

GC TritekMD

Designed to support healthcare professionals with a selection of back height, seat size, arm and mechanism options to accommodate a range of body types.

Gala<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup> II


A family of task seating with a range of mechanisms, seat and back options for healthcare offices, clinics and nursing stations.

Harmony<sup class='sup-special-char'>MC</sup>


A compound curved back with lumbar support developed for various body types and extended hours of use.